Why an iPhone isn't good enough to photograph your hotel

Why an iPhone isn't good enough to photograph your hotel

Whilst you can absolutely take pretty decent shots on an iPhone, there’s one big reason why you are going to miss out on capturing the real ambience of your restaurant if you just stick with smartphone shots: wide angles.

The iPhone 7 has a camera with a fairly “normal” field of view. It can’t really zoom (unless you go for the Plus variant with its telephoto lens) and it has difficultly capturing small rooms because of its static lens.

Because the lens of an iPhone can’t zoom out, the team who developed it chose a very standard focal length for happy snaps and Instagram shots (it’s actually 28mm in 35mm-equivalent in case you were wondering). This is great most of the time, but it doesn’t allow much scope when photographing interiors of a restaurant. Take a look at the photo below.

Seems a little bit cramped, right? If I'm staying at this hotel, I would think that their restaurant looks decent, but there really doesn't appear to be much space. However, this photo just doesn't tell the entire story.

This restaurant isn't necessarily small, but that kind of lens just can't capture the space all at once. Because our eyes see a much wider field of view than what an iPhone or point-and-shoot camera can capture, this photo isn’t doing this restaurant any favours.

In fact, this was a crop taken from a larger photo (originally taken at 10mm), to illustrate exactly how cramped an iPhone photo really is in a small place. This is the original photo taken with a DSLR and a proper wide angle lens to really show the place off:

Image of restaurant with 10mm field of view

That not only looks awesome, but is much closer to how you would experience the restaurant. All of a sudden, the space opens up. The bar looks enormous, and there are gorgeous plate-glass windows to the left. All of this stuff is missed in a regular field of view.

The takeaway from this quick post is: don’t use an iPhone to photograph your restaurant, your rooms, or any other part of the hotel. Even if you would never consider doing that, it's just another reason why an iPhone isn't up to the job.

You’re missing out on too much of the picture and your guests aren't seeing the true experience. Instead, hire a photographer with a keen eye and the right gear to show off all your hotel has to offer.