Using Seasonality to Improve Hotel Booking Conversion Rates

Using Seasonality to Improve Hotel Booking Conversion Rates

There are several ways your hotel online presence can be adjusted to improve conversion rates by changing with the seasons.

When I say online presence I mean your entire presence across the board on all channels and platforms including TripAdvisor, Google My Business and of course the marketing website.

There are fundamental areas where this works particularly well, being your hotel photography and your copy and general room descriptions and unique selling propositions.

These can be adjusted seasonally to reflect the changing demands of guests in terms of their comforts, activities and general needs.

For example, consider your main hotel hero image, the one used as the primary image on for example. You may want to consider an autumn version that shows the  beautiful foliage and trees surrounding your property at this time.

In summer you may completely swap out the hero image for a pool shot in some cases, especially if there is quite a variation between the temperatures during summer and winter. Obviously this doesn’t apply to hotels in tropical climates like Thailand where it is basically hot all year round (at least for the foreigners visiting!) so it needs to be exercised with some common sense.

For smaller properties, the difference between getting a booking and someone going elsewhere could simply be the reassurance of either air conditioning or heating at that property. Again this is very relevant for some properties in regional Victoria or Hobart for example where there are dramatic contrasts between summer and winter.

So during summer in Hobart for example it would absurd to talk about your heated towel rails and heated floors and hydronic heating. Whereas in Summer no-one cares about that, but they are ecstatic to learn you have air conditioning in every room so that suddenly becomes far more relevant and influential in the conversion process.

Activities also change throughout the season as guests arrive for various winter sports such as skiing, or during summer where you can expect guests to spend most of their time outside the room (and probably around the pool or recreation areas if you have those).

This is also another example of where every hotel benefits from a task management system like Asana where you can setup these schedules and reminders to implement these changes based on seasonality.

In terms of photography, you may want to consider getting your professional photographer to shoot at different times of the year (assuming you are asking them back every 1-2 years) to further diversify and strengthen your photography marketing assets.

Adjusting your online presence for seasonality is an advanced online presence tactic that requires some forethought and planning, but is a logical next step for those hotels that all the other ducks in a row.