The prices above are out standard rates for common tasks and projects. We can either work on a timesheet basis based on an initial free estimate, or on a quotation basis. As our hourly rates are already very reasonable, quotations incur a 20% loading to cover the time to assess and prepare the written quotation (which is itemised on the quotation).

While we are happy to quote for projects, we do not recommend quotations for most projects, as working using agile processes and methods often results in completing projects under budget or initial estimate.


John and Sue manage a motel on the NSW coastal town of Coffs Harbour. Their website is based on Wordpress, and hasn’t been updated in years. They don’t have much time to learn how to use Squarespace, and they don’t know much about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

They have 16 rooms in their motel, with three room configurations (Twin, Queen and Family). They do continental breakfasts, but they don’t operate a restaurant.

Locus Focus will need to rewrite the room descriptions and opening marketing copy, migrate any valuable existing content over the new platform, design the new website, optimise it for search engines and transfer the hosting to Squarespace.

They would also like an easy way to post blog articles about the local area, upcoming events and a place where guests can view their breakfast menus.

For this project, Locus Focus quotes $1500 including GST, with a turnaround time of 10 days from receipt of their logo and branding guidelines (logo and colours), upload of their complete photography portfolio to Dropbox, access to their existing hosting and domain control panel and a 30 minute phone consultation to discuss their requirements and preferences.

The website is built within 8 days, and we take the website live on the 9th day by transferring the DNS and hosting to Squarespace. We also integrate Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Mailchimp with their new website. John and Sue find Squarespace incredibly easy to maintain, and they don’t require any training in how to edit the existing content.

They pay a 50% deposit to get the ball rolling, and then pay the balance ($750) when the site if live. They immediately notice comments from guests checking in complimenting how easy their new website is to navigate, and their direct bookings increase overnight as a result.


A Squarespace hotel website is normally quoted between $750 and $2000, which typically includes:

  • Phone conversations to discuss your requirements, including a the initial discovery meeting (30 minutes) followed by further phone calls as required.

  • Choosing the right template for your business, that is compatible with your branding, your customer avatars (the types of customer you are targeting) and your main marketing or business goals.

  • Customising the template (design changes) including colours, logos, fonts, layout and other features, according to your current branding.

  • Building all the new pages such as contact us, privacy policy, galleries, products/services, about us, blogs, faqs etc. Migrating all your existing content over, tweaking it as required.

  • Integrating your current banners, photography or video assets as required or sourcing and curating stock images for the home page.

  • Discussing the primary call to action for your website. Do you want leads, phone calls, form completions etc? What is the main goal?

  • Advanced configuration of Squarespace for your business, adding all the technical integrations that are required such as Mailchimp, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics for statistics etc. We will discuss these options and decide together which make sense for you.

  • The behind the scenes technical stuff … migrating your DNS (the domain name server lookup database) so that your website URL connects to the new server. We handle of this for you, including redirecting old pages to new pages so search engine traffic is maintained without disruption.

  • Successful migration to an HTTPS or fully secure site for security and SEO benefits (making everything on the site secure including contact forms).

  • Organic, white-hat search engine optimisation so everything from pages titles, blog articles and images are optimised according to recommendations from Google. This involves some SEO scoping work as well, discussing and researching keywords, phrases and your competitors.

The average live time for a Squarespace website setup is 10 days from receiving all required information (existing logins, logos, photography etc.)


Using Squarespace means that a graphic designer/website designer is not normally required to create design elements such as buttons, icons etc. These are all included in the templates or themes that will be chosen for your website.

Rather than focus on design and making things look pretty, we prefer to concentrate on making it easy for your customers to take the action that is required. In other words, we focus on the user experience.

In some circumstances however, you may want to use our graphic design services for the creation of new digital assets such as banners for the home page, menus, style guides or even PDF brochures. If these are required, we can quote for the creation of these assets. Our hourly rate for graphic design is also $88 per hour incl. GST, and this is all completed in-house by Nick Smith, we do not outsource our graphic design.

We are also fully setup for professional commercial hotel photography if required, and can quote separately for this.