Chris Jack

Content Marketing: The Why and How of Content Marketing for Hotels

Chris Jack
Content Marketing: The Why and How of Content Marketing for Hotels

Chris dives head first into what is Content Marketing for hotels in 2017 and why it is perhaps the most important foundation for hotel marketing in general.

Topics include how one of the first examples of content marketing was in the hospitality industry, Skift and their success with content marketing, defining exactly what content marketing is, what it isn't... and giving explicit and practical examples of content marketing strategies for hotels using their blog.

Chris also cheekily answers the questions raised by a recent Skift Research Report into Content Marketing - in his own words.

Finally he gives some examples of how all hotels can start their content marketing strategy using multiple hotel blogs.

Listen to the podcast below.


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Chris Jack is the editor of Locus Focus and a professional hotel photographer based in Brisbane with over 20 years experience in digital marketing. He also hosts the weekly "Sharper Hotel Marketing" podcast.